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Family Business

Running a family business presents its own set of distinctive challenges. At FC Consulting, we specialize in navigating these complexities with expertise and insight. Proudly serving the greater Washington, DC area, we're here to support minority business owners and entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Managing a family business brings unique challenges that set it apart from traditional enterprises. At FC Consulting, we understand the distinctive dynamics of family-run businesses and offer tailored solutions to ensure their long-term sustainability.

For some family businesses, the intertwining of family and business necessitates the establishment of a family office. A family office serves several crucial functions:

1. Managing the family’s wealth outside the business, including investment strategy development, investment reporting, and cash management.
2. Providing comprehensive support services to family members, such as tax preparation, financial planning, estate and insurance planning, accounting
and bill payment, philanthropic advisory, and asset management.
3. Establishing governance structures and processes to foster the continued success of both the business and the family across generations.

At FC Consulting, we can assist you with:

  • Establishing, expanding, and overseeing your family office.
  • Providing accounting, planning, and reporting services.
  • Developing governance frameworks to facilitate sound decision making for the business and the family.
  • Creating an Owner Strategy Statement to define success for both the business and the family.
  • Crafting a Family Business Communication Plan to facilitate effective communication between the business and the family.
  • Formulating a Family Employment Policy to guide family involvement in the business while respecting family boundaries.
  • Building and managing investment portfolios to establish a lasting legacy.
  • Structuring the acquisition and management of non-portfolio assets.
  • Planning and managing succession and estate matters.
  • Providing support services to family members, including accounting, bill payment, tax preparation, financial education, facilitation of family meetings, and more.

At FC Consulting, we are dedicated to helping minority business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the intricacies of family businesses and achieve enduring success.


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